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A Little Cow, A Lot of Friendliness

It is nice to go on a walk and look forward to a greeting from a friendly cow. My walking buddy Cisco, seems to enjoy the greetings too.

It brings back fond memories of us raising cows  in Canada. But only a fond memory up until, as a young girl, I went with my dad to the slaughter house,heard our gentle cows bawling in very high distress, and saw the horrid truth. It hit me terribly, we were raising them only to kill them. Or sell them to someone else to kill them. And then we were eating them....or someone else's. These trusting, innocent creatures.

Sadly, I kept eating cows for a large portion of my life, even after the sad discovery of the fate of our beloved cows of my childhood, and after being convicted as a teenager, the truth a vegan diet was kinder on animals and better for me. For years, I blocked the reality of what really happens to most cows, and kept eating them.

I feel proud, grateful and touched my sons who care so deeply about animals, chose to be vegans. They have been inspiring me to do the same again. Even though I knew better long ago...

I don't own any cows.  I don't eat cows anymore.  But someday I'd like to raise a couple of cows as pets. They can be friendly, curious and cute. Or at least I remember them this way. It seems the cow on my walk is.

Until then, I am going to do a painting of this seemingly friendly cow soon. I hope it lives a long happy life.

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