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Art In the Family

My mom use to say she wondered where my artistic abilities came from when she seemed to have missed out. It is not so. My full blooded German mom, her mom, and her grandma all were all gifted cooks, bakers, housewives and makers, seamstresses, quilters, flower, fruit and vegetable gardeners and cooks. All such beautiful and artistic talents. They also cherished  a few sentimental keepsakes from Russia where they came from.

My great- grandma Eva, pictured here, is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She died before I ever met her. She had a hard, broken life. Her life was even more heart wrenching coming to this country, not knowing English or having much self-esteem and power. This artistic lady lived a isolated life and  was often not understood or valued. She was a mother to a very large brood of children. Joys were precious, but perhaps few.

My mother has tender memories of her sweet Grandma Eve. This tender lady loved children, baking beautiful  bread and delicious, rich, authentic, homemade food. Her loving hands made what her beautiful heart and mind were feeling.

 So I paint, draw and write a bit. These other ladies I doubt ever got the chance to do these things. So maybe, if they had had the opportunity, they would have. But artistic expression isn't just a painting or drawing anyway. It may be a warm, fresh, delicious, beautiful loaf of bread or a bouquet of home grown roses in a lovely glass vase. 

I am looking forward to meeting my sweet Great Grandma Eva someday. My eyes tear up as I imagine kissing her soft full cheeks, and holding her strong worn hands. I am honored to be related to this amazing artist.

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