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Fields of Gold

Sometimes when I am painting, I get discouraged and think what I am doing is trash. Sometimes it probably looks like it. At times like this, I want to stop painting. However, I remember someone I once knew who is no longer living. I think about how he ended his life. I know his singing, music and talking is missed to many people. He was an artist too.

I regret the world will not hear his voice and the tender words he had to say again in this lifetime. This deep, sad song. This deep, sad man. He dedicated this song to me many years ago. I pray we will walk in fields of gold in Heaven someday. Instead as a brother and sister this time. I will remember him always- his deep, expressive ways- until we walk those fields of gold.

When life feels too hard and who I am doesn't seem very great or worthy, I remember him. I remember his gifts and talents. I know somehow, he would want me to keep going, doing art and living.

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