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Get Up and Get Going

I'm getting ready to head out on a walk this morning with our dog Cisco before it gets too hot. I meant to be on the road already, but it is nice sitting in my recliner reading, drawing, praying and writing. I like early mornings as they are quiet, peaceful and have a sacred feeling. I feel closest to God then too.

But now its time to walk.

I'm thinking where I would like to walk today, considering it is hot and I have walked this part of town so many times, and I don't really feel inspired to head in any certain direction.
I am looking at the clock and I am diddling around. 

Looking at this pretty and bright photo I took a couple of weeks ago on a walk, I know if I just get my shoes on and start walking I will head in some direction and there will be something delightful and special to see. Like these happy flowers I was surprised to find planted near the sidewalk.

I think life is like this often for me. I think and pray and plan, but sometimes, no real strong impression stirs me, so I am tempted to just wait for a strong nudge and conviction. I wait and wait and wait. However, like today, as I am sitting here wondering where to go, and getting no real urge, I have to get up and just start walking in any possible direction and God will redirect me, and guide me down the path He most wants for me. He will lead me where it is best for my family, our good, a good change in me and character growth.
He just asks I surrender to Him so He can lead me where I need to go. He will teach me, and never leave me.

"Teach me thy way, O lord, and lead me in a plain path..." Psalms 27: 11

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