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Often I have prayed, "Why am I here, Lord?  Why was I even born?" I have waited impatiently for a reply. Wondering and asking repeatedly. The answers came in unexpected ways. Showing up in unexpected places, especially through some very amazing, beautiful, precious and bright, little people in my life. Like my beloved little cousin here.

And who knew the joy, laughter, parties, candy, movies, slow walks and good talks I would have with these dear ones? Trips to the Humane Society to hold lonely kittens, and make a million cupcakes to celebrate almost every holiday there is.  Was I born to experience this? And meet these gems of priceless  sparkling gold, like I have found with my own dear sons? And laugh so hard over utter nonsense and silliness, wacky music and snuggle so tightly because we are just to thrilled to eat popcorn and watch good movies together?  I think so. I would never have wanted to miss these times, with these dear people.

I feel gratitude again this morning, looking at her impish grin. My whole heart tugs in gratefulness as I scroll through tender photos of her and her sisters, my two sons, my nieces and nephews, my little neighbors and my heart weeps in joy. So grateful. So honored to be alive in this time in history when these sweet people roam around our family and this world and wrap their glorious personalities and love around our hearts. Unexpected gifts. 

Thank you, Lord, for letting them be born and letting them be here. And for me too. 

" When my soul fainted within me I remembered..." Jonah 1:7

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