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God Answered My Prayers

When I was little I use to envy the kids who had nice houses and cars. We lived off and on with my grandparents in Canada, and I longed for my own bedroom instead of sleeping on a mattress on the floor in their living room. We rarely had kids over, but when we did, I cringed when they would ask to see my bedroom. I would take them to a small bedroom which my parents used, which also had the washer and dryer in it. I would cover the appliances with large towels, hoping to conceal them, but looking back, I am sure they knew.

I prayed God would help my parents get a house. I wanted a place to play with my sisters during the long winters indoors. The summer and fall were good seasons we could spend  in the garden and in the pastures beside my grandparent's house, but the winters were long, even with many hours to ice skate, sled, and play in the snow. God didn't seem to give me what I wanted. I wondered why He wouldn't. It seemed like something reasonable and normal to pray for and want.

During those cramped, hard years, I drew a lot. I also day-dreamed a lot and I became creative. I am so grateful the time I had with my grandparents who spoke German and shared their generosity in the form of plenty of rich homemade food and affection. I also liked living in the country where things smelled good and fresh, and where it was quiet.
I can look back now and see the answers God gave to me without imposing His will upon my parents and their choices. He gave me my grandparents, our heritage, country life, creativity, art and my imagination. These  are the best gifts and answers to prayers

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