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Having a Great Dream

Maybe you have dream - perhaps only a faint and silly daydream, which so far has never come true. I had, and still have, those too. I had a dream, when I was little, to run far and fast. To go places my parents didn't feel like taking me and places I just as soon would discover on my own. But I couldn't go very far. I was small. I didn't have a bike and walking was slow. So I dreamed of running. I dreamed of running all around the world. 
I also drew myself on horses. Drew and dreamed of beautiful horses taking me to new places. I drew myself in the country, in the trees and mountains. Riding by a river, clip-clopping down a road. I believed a horse could and would take me somewhere I really wanted to go.

Well, those dreams did not quite come true, but I kept dreaming. I kept walking and I walked a lot. I could run fast, short distances. But still, not far enough.  And then I got my first bike at a yard sale when I was five. And boy, did I go places. For me, the cramped 4-plex apartment where we lived was heaven enough. I was scared to go any farther, like around the corner of our block. I had a wild imagination of evil people being able to x-ray me through a camera and see my insides. See me naked.
But the older I got, the further I went. I got braver. I went to new places all over town. This was a small dream but it meant everything to me. It was a very fulfilling dream, because I got to go far and fast to places even a pony couldn't take me. I found the world was bigger and more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. I found it is true: if you have a dream and maybe some wheels, you can really go places. 
I hope you keep dreaming too - small and great dreams.

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