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How Fragile We Are

I haven't been here in a very long time and I didn't even know how much I missed this place until I came here this last weekend with some of my family. The sun was almost setting  as we arrived. I could hardly wait to see the waves, the sand and beautiful colors of the beach along the Oregon Coast. I felt excited we were able to see the ocean before the sun went away. It was wonderful. We spent the next few restful days, here.

I was comforted to find it was the same beautiful, majestic ocean I had visited some years ago. It hadn't changed, even though I had. Tender memories in this place. Sacred precious times I relived and thought about many times as I walked along the shore. And Grief. But I felt good seeing the ocean the way I remembered. A strong and faithful friend.  I felt instantly smaller and more fragile.

The deep, dark water scares me. But I love it here. Something cleansing and clearing of those waves, washing back and forth upon the beach. I feel it in my chest. It pulls my heart out and in again. Like being rocked in a big,old, wooden swing. I let it soothe me as I walked along. My fragile heart felt grateful.

I was reminded how powerless I am against something so big. Something I can't control or change. Powered by Jehovah who created this a long time ago.  Before I was here or born. Without help of any human being. Water so very cold, enormous and relentless.  I sensed my vulnerability and how very fragile we all really are.

 I needed this time by the sea. 

" God gathered together the waters and called them the seas, and saw that it was good." Genesis 1:10

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