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I'd Trust a Tree

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was climb trees. I climbed every tree I could get into. I wanted to read in a tree, sleep in a tree, to live in a tree. I tried showing my mom I could, until I fell out an did a belly flop, painfully knocking the air out of me. And my pride.
​ Laying on a tree branch, trying to fall asleep was harder than it seemed. I think this is how my love for trees began....No matter where I went I was looking for a tree to climb. 
I love them best when they drop their leaves in the fall. I love to see their branches and trunks twisting as they grow. 
They are one of my favorite things to draw and paint. I know if they could talk, they would tell me all sorts of wonderful and wild stories. I know the stories would be true. I'd trust a tree!

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