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I'm Brenda Trapani

I'm Brenda Trapani.

I've been doing some kind of art ever since I can remember. It was my voice for many years. It was how I expressed myself. Art was the words I could not speak. Art soothed and comforted me when life did not.

I escaped through art to places where one could ride tame ponies, the sun shined so brightly, and an awkward girl like myself could be a princess. Houses were safe places where happy families lived. Where steep mountains and green valleys were not so far away and it was mostly always summer. Where prayers were quickly answered, just the way I dreamed, and God had good things for everyone I knew.

Art kept pain out for a few dear moments. In my daydreams and make pretend, I could fly up in pure blue skies on clouds like soft white pillows. Crying and worry stilled. So far away from hurting.  No one up there was sad and lonely.  Not ever.  Art had this sweet and special power.

God gave me these tools of small discarded scraps of paper and a dull pencil or cast off pen. This was my precious manna. Feeding my hungry heart and empty spirit. Gently chipping away black darkness, which was so very tight around my childhood.

I was born in Canada to parents who were both Germans with strong blood and tradition-from Russia. My Grandma Lydia made me feel loved and noticed. Growing up between two sisters, I was the typical middle child. I spent my often lonely childhood daydreaming and drawing, collecting rocks and sticks, riding bikes with my sister, relying on the strength of my older sister to hold my head up and believe we counted too. I liked getting into mischief with my friends. I loved horses and climbing trees and wished I had a home and a happy family. I believed deeply in miracles and the power of prayer.

I love being a mom to my great two sons. I love walking our dog Cisco, hiking and cooking with my sons. I love eating together with my family. I love listening to music, drawing, painting, doing yard work and working with plants. I love talking, reading, writing, cooking, watching a good movie, having a good laugh, and goofing around.

I am not a good singer, but I like singing out loud to music. I am moved by music.  I love God, the Bible, a good sermon, and intercessory prayer. My favorite time is the new, still, early mornings to read, draw, write, and pray. I am a sinner saved by grace. I struggle as a Christian, but God asks that I surrender, give it all to Him, and die to self. I am loved by a God who gives me victory through Christ. I have nothing to bring, but simply to the cross I cling.

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