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Keep Smiling

Today I moved into my new office space. I was dreading hauling and moving. I called my big little sister asking for her expert help. She drove the distance and was there with hammer, pencils, supplies, and paint, in case we had time to create some art together afterwards. Sadly, we did not have time to paint, but we ate outside together with our Dad for a nice break. My dad is another cheerleader in my life too.

My sister Te' is an amazing artist, designer and intuitive with space, color and flow of movement. I was blessed she was there. She's not just my sister, she's my  friend. She laughs at almost everything I say and all the wacky faces I make, like I am some great comedian, which of course, I am not. It feels good though, to have such a loving fan. She gets my sensitive nature and impulsive ideas. She gets my half sentences of multi-topics. I was ready to break down a bit, but she kept me smiling and encouraging me to keep shining. I felt grateful and greatly loved.

This song represent what I felt today. I love this old song. They use to play it a million times a day till I could hardly stand it, but today, it was a tender sentimental reminder from my sister Te', to keep smiling, keep shining.Thank you, my dear sister, Te',I could count on you! So much help and blessing to me!

Maybe you have a cheerleader like this in your life too. Someone who raises their pom- poms wildly in honor of you!  A supportive fan. Someone who is there in good and bad times. Someone who drives the distance physically or emotionally for you. May we be this for others too!

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