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Mockingbird Song

Years ago I met a funny man who could sing so very well. He sang so deep and with all his soul and heart. I sing with all my heart too, but singing was his true gift. He was meant to do it and I liked to listen when he sang. When he played his music liked to jump and dance around the house. He wrote songs. It was his thing to do. It was inspiring!

I felt very creative around him when he did his singing, music, writing thing. It was contagious. I would get out my paper and paint on his living room floor. Later it became my floor too...

Hearing this old song again today, I cried. Then I laughed and laughed. Deep healing laughter. This is how I remember those creative, artistic days. Singing, laughing and dancing. Someday I want to sing this funny old song with that funny old man and jump and dance around the place again.

When you sing, I cry. Good tears. Tears of joy and emotion. I am inspired! I draw and paint. You dance. I sing. I feel whole inside. When you laugh, I jump all around the place... This is how the Mockingbird song really is to me. 

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