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Sometimes There Are No Words

I like to move these little rocks around my son brought home to me from one of his hiking trips this summer, on this beautiful cloth my dear friend Conna gave to me this summer too.​ They are in the center of my dining room table, and I move and rearrange the rocks every day or so. I make sure the cloth is not dirty or wrinkled. And the rocks are arranged just so. I like it all a certain way. I rearrange often.
I chose to make each rock represent someone in my little family. All these people helped me grow. All these people have touched and affected me in beautiful ways and I am grateful.
Art has this rich wonderful way of saying things words just can't describe. There really aren't words sometimes to adequately express what my heart and mind are feeling and thinking. 
I move these precious rocks around this cheerful cloth and smile. I don't know what to say. Inside, I think and pray. Looking at them in the center of my table, my soul knows what words could never say. Good and happy things.

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