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Summer Days

Long summers days and pleasant evenings are some of my favorite things.  I love how they often end with lovely sunsets.  Grateful in this valley, the sunsets are great almost year round. 

I enjoyed this particular summer evening, as I went out to watch my son at a peaceful golf course. It smelled good and the landscape was pretty everywhere I looked. It was quiet and not many words were needed. It was restful after a busy day. It was nice to sit quietly watching my son in this restful nature.

I couldn't help but take pictures of the sunset that evening. My phone and computer are loaded with literally hundreds of sunsets I have taken every chance and whim I get. Moved by rich vibrant colors of the setting sun, I felt a bit emotional, thinking soon these days with my son would end. He might not always be playing golf at this golf course with me watching on the bench. Things could change. And would.

I love my sons so much and special times with them like these. Never wanting them to end, like these warm colors of summer sunsets, after long summer days, fading so quietly and ever too quickly.

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