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The Grass is Green Here

I was staring at the grass as I was thinking about my son getting married during rehearsal. I was sitting in the front row by my mother.  Our whole family was not there. I knew my son had put more work into our family than others may know and now he was making a new life and family of his own. 
I know this grass won't always be green and days won't always be bright and warm as they are today. But today they are. It is a bright, warm, wonderful day and my son deserves it with his new bride. She is a perfect fit for him. She is like a beautiful, cheerful, tender flower.
And when cold winds blow, the skies grow gray and the grass is limp and yellow, I pray they will hang on tight to each other and weather all storms together.
May they know, without wandering, the grass is not always greener on the other side, but with good loving care, and persistent effort and surrender to God, their side of life will be rich, healthy, fulfilling and strong.

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