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Value Your Art

My mom goes about her days mending, hosting big meals for family, sewing, cooking, baking, weeding, ironing, cleaning, planting and tending her plants,flowers and roses, and she says she isn't artistic or creative. I so disagree with her! She is very artistic. What she is and does are very creative, artistic skills and today, if her Mama, my Grandma Amelia were alive, and she'd be doing these amazing, beautiful, creative things along with her. What a treat that would be!

I don't like when people are so quick to dismiss their gifts of creativity and artistic expression. What makes only drawing, painting, acting etc. art? Who makes the rules what art is?  What would the world be without other sorts of art?  There are so many forms of art!

I know my son gets frustrated when I down play, apologize and discredit the art I do. It is hurtful as it blows out a candle of my spirit and hurts others who believe and value me. And what does that say about other's compliments, their opinions and their own art if I am dismissing mine and/or I am ashamed of it? I need to remember the frustration and hurt I feel when my mom discredits her art. I need to learn to be gracious and say thank you more.
And allow others to appreciate and value my art. I have to work on valuing my form of art. Even if others hate it 

I hope you value your art. It might be the way you arrange your furniture and paint your walls. How you set your table and do your hair. It might be how you dress and the way you sing. It might be the work you do and the way you write, talk and live. Art is all over your life.

​Thank you for your art!

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