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We Are Like Flowers

​A young man took his life and tonight the family has invited  the community to come celebrate his life. He was a nature lover. He was sensitive. He was an artist. He was only 19 years old. I am leaving soon to attend this celebration of life and my heart is heavy. I don't feel like celebrating. I feel like crying and I will. I think of my own two sons and how I would feel if they were not on this Earth. I can't imagine. They mean everything to me. 

We are like flowers. Here today and gone, maybe not tomorrow, but we don't know how long we are really here. We are are fragile and sometimes walking on thin ice. A young artist's life is resting till His creator wakes him one glorious day, like a bright and blossoming flower.

I originally called this painting "Silent Farewells to Spring". I renamed it this week, "Farewell to Theron."

Farewell, dear young Theron. I look forward to meeting you and seeing your art in Heaven someday. 

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