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Where Did the Time Go?

I use to get tired of my parent's saying , "Where did the time go?".  Time use to go by so slow when I was a kid. It couldn't go fast enough. I wanted to ride a bike on the streets, get my driver's license. Get out of Walla Walla and never come back...
When I see my Dad, now 82 years, old and full of cancer, I am scared. I don't like time going so fast. I don't want him to die. As a kid, I thought he'd always be like the big strong guy in the cowboy hat below. Tears well up in my eyes as it isn't just my dad getting older and sicker, but my kids are getting old, and one is even engaged. I have my little tough mama bent over, limping too. My walking buddy Cisco, is over 11 years old. and tires out too soon.
Now I understand. Where did the time go?

My daddy sat me on the floor as he waved,
heading out the door.
The long walk to the show, he carried me.
Later bounced me on his knee.
Now he's slow and I can't wait. I'm irritated because we are late.
He waves at me, to go on ahead. I regret the things I've said.
My once strong daddy, now so small and weak. 
​I pray the Lord, his soul to keep.

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