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Year Ago

I started this painting about a year ago. Stopped and started it a few times. Left it untouched for quite a few months, waiting for some inspiration or motivation to finish it. Sort of how I have been feeling about life this past year.

I picked up my ink and pen the other day, determined to finish it-again. This is as far as I got. For some reason the painting seemed to huge, complicated, tedious, irritating,overwhelming and discouraging. Usually I love this kind of challenge, I sometimes create when I get gung-ho. But not this time. Again, similar feelings about this past year...

I went upstairs many times this year- kneeling in despair and sadness, praying, pleading, asking God for help and surrendering all I couldn't face and handle. Wanting to complete and tackle so many things. Sad so many things hard, unfinished and dark.

​A year ago has come and gone. Many good and important things happened as well as many difficult times. I know with God, I will finish this painting, and the hard, tedious tasks and and whatever in life lies ahead.

"Be merciful, unto me, O GOD: for this would swallow me up-as it's fighting daily,oppressing me...What time I am afraid, I will trust in HIM." Psalms 56: 1-3

 "Cast your burden on the LORD, and HE will sustain thee."Psalms 55:22

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