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Brenda Trapani has a rich, 30-year history as an artist in the Walla Walla Valley where she settled with her family as a child. In fourth grade, Brenda's interest in art solidified into a long-term, lifetime passion as she found herself in the classroom of art teacher Anne Bullock, whose pottery and paintings were grounded in the visual history of ancient, indigenous people. Anne's encouragement was life-changing.

“Not only did she read to us wonderful, imaginative, and compelling stories, but she also encouraged us to read stories for ourselves," Brenda says. "I can still hear her saying, 'Write! Read! Draw! Speak! Express yourself! Share! Make a big deal out of simple things! Tell your story!'"

Brenda has been telling stories through her art ever since. She favors watercolor, India ink, colored pencils, and oil pastels. Her imagery is tender, wistful, and reminiscent. Vivid colors evoke strong, visceral responses, and her whimsical India ink patterns add structure and foundation amidst the blur of images that at once seem both surprising and familiar. Her iconic works include All Too Soon (2009), Peaceful Dwellings (2015), and Deep Roots (2015). Her paintings have been featured at the Wenaha Gallery, the Paula Ray Gallery, the Broderick Gallery, and the Brickstone Gallery. She continues to live and paint in Walla Walla, Washington.